Adam Kokesh and LP Santa Cruz

Adam Kokesh and the Freedom Family came together in San Francisco, on August 8th, to make history! 
Members of the Libertarian Party of Santa Cruz County, Mike Lelieur, Elle Black, Ben Cogan and Tita Gascon, met with other fellow freedom lovers to plug into the most important movement in the world today. Adam gave a brief presentation around 6:30 pm about building our organization for #KokeshForNotPresident and launching the American Referendum Project in order to put the existence of the federal government to a vote! "We're pretty sure the IRS will miss you more than you will miss it," says Adam. 

Learning from Dallas

What happened in Dallas 5 days ago is nothing short of a tragedy, an outrage, a black eye for America. Unfortunately, it's also one outrage following a series of other outrages in which people who did not deserve to die were murdered. Nothing will bring back those murdered officers, nor will it bring back the black men recently shot by police in Minnesota and Baton Rouge. The best that we as Libertarians can do is learn from Dallas. We owe it to the dead, police and civilian alike, to seriously reflect on this wave of violence plaguing our country.